Monday, July 4, 2016

Bi-Weekly Vampire Savior locals to be held at Game Realms in Burbank, California

It's been a long five months since we left TGL, but we finally have a new venue for Vampire Savior here in Southern California! This Friday we'll be meeting at Game Realms in Burbank, with a bi-weekly schedule (every 2 weeks).

Location: Game Realms
Address: 137 N. Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA, 91502

Date: Friday, July 8th 2016
Time: Sign ups start at 6pm. Event starts at 8pm.
(I'll show up with the VSAV boards at 7pm)

Venue Fee: $5
Tournament Entry Fee: FREE

Stream: Not likely the first week, but we'll be streaming the events soon.

Once again we'll be with the wonderful SoCal Skullgirls community, meaning there will be a Skullgirls tournament, and likely a Guilty Gear +R tournament as well. In the future I'll be probably running other games as well, but I'll be focusing on VSAV until we get settled in.

This location seems perfect for us, we (the VSAV and SG communities) were admittedly picky about where to go next which was partially the reason for the long delay, but Game Realms seems to do everything right! The regulars of our group are very excited, and newcomers are always welcome to join in.

If you're a newcomer, send me a tweet that you'll be coming so I know to expect you. It's not required, but I'll make sure you'll have a spot in the bracket at least if you do. Likewise, if you're a regular and are potentially going to be late, let me know as well.

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