Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vampire Hunter Championship 2015

Vampire Hunter Championship 2015 (VHC2015) is today! This tournament has been a year in the planning, with competitors fighting to win qualifying tournaments for precious seed spots. The event will be ran at the world famous Mikado on 14 head2head arcade setups.

*Times listed below is the start time for the tournament and likely when the stream will be live.

North America: Saturday, Nov. 21st @ 8pm PST/11pm EST
Japan: Sunday, Nov. 22nd @ 1pm PST (13:00)
Europe: Sunday, Nov. 22nd @ 5am CET

The tournament itself is expected to last for 5 to 6 hours.


Sadly I won't be home to restream the Nico broadcast for those outside of Japan.

For those of you watching this live, Nico broadcasts can be a bit confusing at times. You need to make an account and log in, and after the broadcast goes live if you visit the community page linked above, near the top you'll see near the top "Currently broadcasting live". Just click the link below that to watch the stream.

Depending on how they have the stream set up, Nico broadcasts can have an "expiration" of 30 minutes, meaning they'll end and you'll have to click through to the next broadcasting link to continue watching the stream, since each live stream has it's own unique URL. Visiting the community page linked above can help you quickly direct you to the new broadcast link.

TKO's Twitter:
Qualifier Winners:

Won a VHC Seed Qualifier (17 Total)
• TKO (Sasquatch) LP+MK
• Chataro (Morrigan) Start
• RGB/Jay (Pryon) LP+MK
• Ark (Pyron) HK
• Teitoku (Lei-Lei) Start
• owL (Sasquatch) HP
• Oshikiri (Pyron) HP
• P-Haruko (Pyron) LP
• Eefoo (Gallon) MK
• Guigura (Aulbath) Start
• Shumago (Anakaris) HK
• Ao (Gallon) MK
• Chansuke (Victor) MP
• Ushipii (Morrigan) LK
• Tkm (Pyron) Start
• Momiji-ya (Anakaris) MK
• MCD (Bishamon) Start

• Mayo (Aulbath) HP
• Tawashi (Sasquatch) Start
• Demitri-man (Demitri) Start
• Takuya (Morrigan) LK
• Gansuto-zei (Phobos) MP
• Behinmosu (Bishamon) MK
• uber (Morrigan) MK
• Mattsun (Morrigan) HP
• Kaede (Morrigan) LP+MK
• Oyatsu (Sasquatch) HK

• aki (Morrigan) LK
• Zukki (Morrigan) MK
• Iroha (Pyron) Start
• Ōtomo Aki (Gallon) LP+MK
• Monzetsu!! (Phobos) LP+MK
• Maritime (Lei-Lei) MK
• Ashitaba (Pyron) LK
• CD (Donovan) MP
• Mayumura (Bishamon) LP
• Haaruu (Phobos) MK

• Jyoi (Phobos) HP
• Yuki (Morrigan) MP
• Fuwaku (Demitri) LK
• Naru (Bishamon) LP+MK
• Seikishi (Pyron) HP
• Ehrgeiz-Kamen (Gallon) HK
• Takeyan (Bishamon) MP
• Shingo@KOF98-zei (Sasquatch) LK
• Korokoro (Felicia) MK
• JKL (Gallon) LK

• Asamiya Aoi (Morrigan) MK
• Takechii (Demitri) MK
• Rikku (Zabel) MK
• susi (Morrigan) LP+MK
• Aoi (Aulbath) LP+MK
• cat-k@Arai (Phobos) HP
• Yamakofu (Bishamon) LK
• Gobu (Felicia) MK
• 球道 (Morrigan) MP
• TROJAN (Demitri) LP+MK

• TMF (Felicia) MK
• G•D (Pryon) HK
• Surutatsu (Bishamon) Start
• Ai (Lei-Lei) LP
• Aze (Bishamon) LP
• Fo-re (Gallon) LK
• Maguro (Gallon) HK
• shikkoku (Donovan) LP+MK
• Oya-Di (Zabel) LP+MK
• MIA (Victor) MK

• TK (Anakaris) LP
• Kim (Sasquatch) HK
• Tate no Kawa Shuzou (Sasquatch) Start
• Miki (Morrigan) HP
• baby nine (Zabel) Start
• Monthly Salary ¥50,000 (Pryon) MP
• Mimimi (Felicia) LP
• Marosa (Felicia) LP
• SKSOS-zei (Sasquatch) LK
• Sorusuma (Pyron) Start

• Baikingu [Viking?] (Felicia) LP+MK
• Chikin (Sasquatch) LP
• Resuka (Felicia) MP
• Izumi (Anakaris) HK
• Bibun (Morrigan) HK
• Saki (Morrigan) Start
• Hildr (Anakaris) HP
• Ani (Lei-Lei) MK
• Zero-One (Felicia) LP+MK
• Raa (Morigan) LP

• Gakyan返響器ッdo (Lei-Lei) MK
• Matsuoka (Phobos) LP
• Danbouru (Anakaris) LP
• Saenoki (Felicia) LK

91 Entrants Total already on November 19th.
Pre-entry deadline is November 20th.

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