Friday, August 1, 2014

The UD-CPS2 for Vampire Savior Donation Fund!
Donate Here: You will be re-directed to paypal.

The Donation Fund has officially started up to acquire two UD-CPS2, as well as two Vampire Savior boards to go along with them. After EVO it was clear that the scene had grown beyond my single UD-CPS2, so the plan now is to get TWO additional systems to go along with my current one for a total of three. This would allow us to run almost any tournament or event with ease.
For those who don't know, the UD-CPS2 is a modified and consolized CPS2, the arcade system that Vampire Savior was released on. It allows us to play the arcade release of Vampire Savior in a modern format with USB XBOX 360 and PS3 controllers. They have minimal setup compared to a 'supergun' and can be played on any TV. Here is an image from EVO2014 of my UD-CPS2 and the two loaners units:
The goal is currently two more systems, because we require at least that many to keep up with how the scene has grown, and also to secure them while they're still available. While undamned hasn't mentioned that he will stop making them, its best for us to make sure we get what we need for the Vampire Savior scene while we can.
The cost break down looks like this:
  • $350 / UD-CPS2
  • $350 / UD-CPS2
  • $125~ / Vampire Savior CPS2 Arcade Board (Preferably Phoenixed)
  • $125~ / Vampire Savior CPS2 Arcade Board (Preferably Phoenixed)
Total amount to raise total comes out $950, not including shipping costs. It’s possible to get the Vampire Savior boards for cheaper, but that is the current US going rate. If anybody has a hook up for some cheaper boards let me know!

Amazingly, just as we're starting we're already halfway to the goal! Mostly thanks to an Anonymous donor. Even though they didn't want their name to be public, this person deserves a huge round of applause! Seriously, thank you!
  • $512 - Anonymous
  • $80 - My EVO 2014 Second Place Winnings
  • $15 - Infy
  • $3 - Ewickify
$610 has been currently raised, minus whatever Paypal has been taking out.
While we have started off with a bang, there is still several hundred dollars left to our goal. It's one of those situations where every little bit is going to help, so any amount donated is greatly appreciated! If you would like to make an anonymous donation, please message me before donating.
I’ve been also considering running GGPO tournaments for high contributors for a game of their choosing. I haven’t set a price for this yet, but it is potentially a bit of work on my end if I don’t already know the game since I’d need to learn it first. Let me know if you’re interested!
If we somehow pass the goal, the money raised from then on will go towards either getting some high end CRTs (the ones the ST players had at EVO were beautiful), upgrading the stream equipment (the goal for this would actually be pretty costly...) or getting some other CPS2 games (like Vampire Hunter, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Vampire Savior 2 - things that have good synergy with Savior). I haven't thought too much about this yet, and will come back to talk about this subject if it looks like a possibility.
That's it for now, thanks for reading! If there are any questions or concerns just ask!

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